About Us

.“World Class , World Changing , World Defining Leadership”

GRILL INC.  was established on 1 December 2012 as a successor to Generation Champion School of Leadership which began in 2010 as a fulfillment of the vision of a young Zimbabwean- born pastor and legal advisor, Paul Kaseke Snr.  In high school , Paul was a Headboy and in varying other leadership capacities he realized that many were called but few were leading and leading effectively.

Whilst he was still in office , he had a dream- a dream to see leaders who could actually fit the ‘shoes’ given to them and lead selflessly . From his viewpoint , most of the vacuums of leadership were as a result of ignorance and as such to correct this would require equipping –and thus the vision was born.

Initially, the school started with Prince Edward School by training its prefects  but this has since grown and expanded to cover  welfare groups , charities, other schools and interest groups.

One year into its creation, the school was joined by a dynamic leader who shared the same vision with the founder and was also headboy at a rival school at the same time as he was. They were both a different breed of leaders at their schools and had forged a partnership and friendship that grew in leaps and bounds. This man is Mr Loveridge Kwenda who is at present the Managing Director of the consultancy and has been at the helm since 2011.

At present plans are underway to expand into South Africa and diversify GRILL Inc. in  to cover the corporate and community spheres of leadership.


  Vision Statement



Grill Inc. aspires to impact the world with life changing , trend setting , purpose driven , people centered and uniquely styled leaders in a CLASS of their own.

  Leaders with a CLASS of :

·       Charisma to draw those that they lead without any abuse of power . True leaders have a following which is based on their draw factor , which is their charisma

·       Love- Leaders who lead with love will always place the needs of those they lead before themselves. Leaders who love their followers more than they love the offices and benefits that come with being a leader will be far more effective than cold hearted leaders

·       Ambition- Leaders must have dual ambition , for themselves and the people they lead so there is always room for growth and direction

·       Style – Each leader has a unique style of leading and the purpose of this program is to encourage this

·       Servanthood- Leaders must seek to serve and not be served if this world is to be a better place