As a world class leadership consultancy , we are what we are because of our ‘blueprint of success’ – our guiding ethos and founding principles. They form the core of our existence and are the basis of our leadership programs.

ü We believe that the greatest leader to ever have walked the face of the earth is Jesus Christ and any effective leader must emulate the values , principles and strategies of Christ .


ü We believe all leaders are born and not trained . We are a birthing , grooming and equipping center but we cannot train leaders.


ü We believe that GRILL INC takes a leader with inborn leadership abilities that may not have been utilized and transforms that dormant ability and moulds it into an asset for the individual, his family , his society , his nation and his world.


ü We believe that excellence and competence are distinguishing marks of perfection that cannot be separated from a leader and thus form part of our heritage.


ü We believe that leadership equipping is a service and not a business and as such our primary concern is to develop leaders even to our own detriment and at our own expense if need be. Money is only a means to an end for GRILL INC. but the goal comes first.


ü We believe that many of the problems in our families and society are as a result of leadership vacuums created by ignorance yet these gaps can be bridged through a different brand of leaders whose mandate is beyond themselves.


ü We believe that anyone can step into a leadership role but that does not make them leaders. What will however , is an equation of personal development, social responsibility and an application of various leadership principles.