Our Services 

At present , GRILL INC offers 5 broad programs to choose from:-Student Labs , Management Labs , Visionary Labs , Church Labs and our Civic Labs where we equip leaders with the necessary skills to lead effectively in whatever area of influence they may be located.

STUDENT LABS- cover all student leaders from primary school to tertiary education.

MANAGEMENT LABS- designed specifically for all corporate leaders and all other persons involved in management.

VISIONARY LABS – for the visionary leader without a defined role in a structure but whose purpose is to establish and pioneer . Definitely not for the faint at heart!

MINISTRY LABS- specially tailored for church elders , deacons and ministry heads in a church leadership environment.

COMMUNITY LABS- leadership equipping for community , society leaders , parliamentarians , and other leaders who serve the community or masses.



Designed for all school going leaders ranging from primary to tertiary levels of education inclusive of but not limited to , monitors , prefects , hostel heads , student union representatives.

The program will be tailored for each age group and specific group of leaders. Generally our Student Labs course is broken down for 3 mainline categories: Primary Labs , High School Labs and Varsity Labs.




The Management labs are designed to cater for all managers and administrators especially in the corporate environment .

Due to the nature of leadership equipping , the courses are generally the same but with each age group , a deeper understanding is applied to the courses while some courses are offered for specific groups only. This is reflected in our Program guide which is available on request.

Some of our standard courses include ;


Bullying (2)- a timely module for school leaders who often have to deal with   bullying either as umpires or as perpetrators of bullying

Bullying(1)- a timely module for school leaders who often have to deal with   bullying either as umpires or as perpetrators of bullying

Career  Choices- designed to help young leaders   make the right career moves

Character Boot Camp- a practical module where leaders'   character is tested and sharpened through practical modules 

Communication(1)- basic introduction to communication on a personal level

Conflict  Resolution (1)- how to   handle conflicts in the workplace and prevent them from reoccuring

Conflict Resolution(2)- the second module on how to   effectively deal with conflicts 

Decision Making- essential skills on 

Horizontal  Relationships- handling diversity and   competitiveness with colleagues

Leading in Love- a module that encourages leaders   to lead with love and not just out of mandate

Love Over  Lust(LOL)- A module designed to help young   leaders and their personal romantic relationships

No Limits- a basic motivational session to   inspire leaders to be more than their office and mandate

Positive Attitude- a module on the importance of a   positive attitude as an indispensable trait of love

Problem Solving-prepares leaders to handle   problems in their spheres of influence timeously and effectively

Self  Esteem- Focus is on building leaders   with confidence who see their worth and can lead without insecurities

Self  Discipline- skills on how to be disciplined   as a person and as a leader

Self  Worth- complements the Self Esteem   module 

Team Building- resolves inherent team issues and   fosters new found working relations within the team

Time Management- essential key to any successful   leader, here leaders will be shown how to practically manage their time

Tolerance in Diversity - a module to help   leaders identify, appreciate and better handle diversity in their teams

Transparency  - module preparing leaders to balance the need for   confidentiality and the right to transparency 

Vision   vs.   Dreams- a module on how to turn   dreams into visions and into realities